Friday, January 22, 2010

Where's Geithner?

Every morning, the Treasury emails me a copy of Secretary Geithner's public schedule, which I post here at EPJ. There was none today.

As I have noted a number of times, Geithner's schedule since the first of the year has been extremely light. Like Larry Summers, he didn't look to happy yesterday at President Obama's news conference on proposed changes to bank regulations.

This morning we had leaks from unidentified sources that, while Geithner was publicly backing the President on his new banking proposals, he had "concerns" about them. It's unlike Geithner to let such leaks of his private views surface.

These minor observations may mean nothing, on the other hand, they could be a significant indication that Geithner and Summers are reading the writing on the wall and that they think, or know, they are on the way out.

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