Monday, February 8, 2010


I have been using Google's Blogger to post at EPJ. However, I have been posting via their FTP option which allows me to post away from Google and not use them as host for EPJ.

Google is taking away this option, which means that for me to stick with Blogger/Google I will have to use Google as my host site. Given the nature of my posts, I can see this as a problem in the making. More than likely someone, at some point, is going to complain to Google that I called the evil bastard Ezekiel Emanuel an evil bastard---or some kind of complaint along those lines. This will result in Google shutting me down until I contact them and they release the block, or maybe they won't.

I have already been shutdown once by WordPress.

Anyway, it is time to move on from the big boys. Bye, bye Blogger. Bye bye WordPress.

If anyone has any thoughts or recommendations as to what type of blogging software is out there that might work for EPJ, please let me know. Alternatively, a web template software where I can post with some type of alternate comment software might be something I might consider. Perhaps, someone can recommend a web designer that can create some type of site for EPJ.

I was planning on upgrading the site later this year, this move by Blogger will just speed things up. Also, if any of you have any thoughts on what I should add or remove from the EPJ site, please let me know. Now's the time to have an impact.


  1. I wish you the best of luck on this blog in the future. I use it everyday and you provide great analysis. Keep up the great work!

  2. since you are already familiar with wordpress i would suggest using their software.

    They are open source and you can install them on your site - this will keep entire content in your control. No worries of them deleting any posts/warning etc.

    you have not mentioned your hosting site, there are several hosting sites that provide one-click wordpress :

    I would suggest bluehost. I think mirrored storage/backup is important.

    I like you blog, I read it daily - thanks for sharing.

  3. the best and most affordable option is to use the wordpress software, but host it on your own server.

    You can buy themes for only $70 at woo themes and edit them yourself. I would recommend,

  4. Your blog is the best I post your stories everywhere.If you decide you want to develop one yourself here is a great inexpensive developer.

  5. Just to add to the chorus.... Yes, use the WordPress software but run it on your own site.

  6. My post might be misinterpreted. Just to be clear, I do realise that the other commenters are proposing using WordPress AND hosting it yourself. :)