Saturday, February 13, 2010

Boxer Is Going to Be In for the Fight of Her Political Life; Will the Ugly Ones Save Her?

I first reported on Senator Barbara Boxer's bad poll numbers back in January.

Things haven't gotten better in the last month. WSJ reports:
Polls show Ms. Boxer is likely to have a fight on her hands to win a fourth term in November. Like other Democrats nationally, political observers said, the senator could face the wrath of voters concerned about the economy and government-spending initiatives that Ms. Boxer and others on Capitol Hill have championed. California also remains mired in an economic malaise, with an unemployment rate of 12.4%.

Ms. Boxer leads Mr. Campbell by four percentage points—45% to 41%—while holding an eight-point lead over both Ms. Fiorina and Mr. DeVore, according to a Jan. 27 poll by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California. The poll, based on a telephone survey of 1,223 likely voters, has a margin of error of three percentage points. The survey also showed a rise in Ms. Boxer's disapproval rating to 44% among likely voters, from 39% in September.
She does have one edge, the incumbents ability to raise incredible amounts of money. WSJ again:
She is also a prodigious fund-raiser, already having amassed about $7 million in a campaign war chest her advisers say they expect will grow to $20 million. And as chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee and close ally of Mr. Obama, she can count on top Democrats from around the country to stump for her.
Some of that money is probably George Soros money. A few months back, while I was in San Francisco, Boxer was at a bookstore signing copies of a novel she had just completed. I stopped by.

There are two memories that come easiest to my mind, now, of that event. The first was the annoning way she reffered to Obama as "our president". I was really surprised she didn't genuflect, bow or at least turn east, every time she said in such an adoring fashion "our president."

The other memory that comes immediately to mind was the crowd she drew, at least the front rows. They were some of the ugliest people I have ever seen on this planet. If Darwin would have met these people, he would have most certainly revised his theory about the survival of the fittest.

What was also interesting about these front row people was that they all wore Move On buttons, which of course is a George Soros funded organization.

I was standing just to the right of Boxer, and on these very ugly people the buttons sort of blared out at me. I'm sure it had the same impact on Boxer. "Clever bastard, this Soros," I thought, "The next time Soros calls she's going to remember he got that ugly crew out front and center for her and he'll do the same thing on election night and she's gonna take that bastards call."

It's going to be a tight race, but she's got the vote of the George Soros funded ugly ones locked up.


  1. All incumbents out now, except for Ron Paul, the most honorable man in Congress.

  2. Great, Boxer can't get her job done - upholding the Constitution, first of California and then the USA - but she has time to "write" books?

    Barbara "don't call me mamma" Boxer is (due to Amendment 17) one of my miss-representatives. I do not pay attention to the B.S. of politics but I have contacted her office many times in order to voice my opinion about legislation. Until reading the blog "The Soros Gang" in which Robert Wenzel explains that Boxer was at a bookstore signing copies of a novel she had just completed, I did not realize that she had "written" a book. After a quick search I find that she has "written" or co-written multiple books.

    It is no wonder why California is in such excellent shape with a miss-representative like Boxer attending to her "art" rather than her elected duties. As appalling as Boxer is, I can't stop wondering, who would read a novel by Barbara Boxer?

    Alex Zoum