Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Charlie Gasparino Jumps to FOX Business

Charlie Gasparino has left CNBC for FOX Business.

You can be sure there were serious $$$$ involved for Gasparino to make the move, where outside of families of FOX Business anchors, no one watches the channel.

With Gasparino around that should change, he's pretty wired in to the Street and is sure to break stories that the Street will have to pay attention to.

And he is also a bit of a drama queen, which will also result in focus on him and FOX Business. WaPO has a quote from him:
[Gasparino] did issue a warning to his former employer: "My job is to rip the lungs out of the competition for Fox Business Network."
This is the third recent high-profile hire at FOX Business. Other noteworthy recent hires are Don Imus and libertarian investigative reporter, John Stossel.

Clearly, Rupert Murdoch has decided to open his wallet and spend some money on FOX Buisness. What a great time to be at CNBC, have high Q ratings and have your cntract up for renegotiation.

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