Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Chiesi: I'm Going to Walk

With a confidence not seen since John Gotti fixed juries, Danielle Chiesi, the former hedge fund analyst who is accused of insider trading by the SEC, told Reuters that "There is not even a chance we will do one day in jail. We didn't do anything wrong." The "we" she was referring to was herself and Raj Rajaratnam, the leader, according to the SEC, of an insider trading ring. It's "an honor and a privilege" to stand next to Rajaratnam in court, Chiesi said.

Later, using a fighter-pilot term Chiesi said, "When you are flying you always check six. You check to see if your enemy is behind you."

Chiesi was arrested in October and charged with 17 counts of securities fraud/ insider trading .

Chiesi has been portrayed as a woman who would wear short skirts and low-cut blouses and flirt with company executives to get the inside scoop. This really is a typical target for the sex obsessed SEC.

Robert Frost once remarked that a jury trial is 12 people trying to decide who has the best lawyer. The porn surfer gang can be beat. It would certainly be poetic justice that the only one that has the "balls" not to cop a plea is a beautiful woman who ends up sending the SEC back to their X-rated sites so that they can continue to dream about what they can't get their hands on.


  1. Proving once again that "beauty is in the eye of the holder."

  2. Nothing more ironic than a woman named "Churches" who used her sexual charms to do business.