Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Coming Open Source Revolution

Until today, I really hadn't done any thinking on any topics that would help me put into perspective the action of the Austin, Texas pilot who crashed his plane into the IRS building. I had not reached any deep picture meaning about the pilot's actions. That is, until I read Doug Casey's thought on the action. Casey clearly has been doing a lot of thinking on topics tangential to the pilots action. He immediately saw the big picture implications.

Casey's thoughts are revealed in a recent interview of Casey by Louis James. It is must reading for an understanding of why more of these type of lone actor attacks may occur . Casey puts the pilot's actions in perspective and relates it to the growing encroachment of Big Government in our lives. He explains how the encroachment might spawn an Open Source Revolution.

The interview is here.

1 comment:

  1. In the interview, Casey states: "I suspect that the gilded cage most Americans live in has just been too comfortable for them to toss everything and turn violent."

    Casey knows there is no "revolution" coming. The "open source" comment is just Casey's way of saying "better safe than invest in gold, and oh btw, check out my newsletter."

    Nothing wrong with this kind of marketing but Casey's been doing this forever and it does not mean there is any kind of revolution on its way.