Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Creeping (Galloping?) Governmnet Growth: President Obama's New Budget

From Keith Hennessey:
Green is last year’s proposal, blue is this year’s proposal, and dotted pink (30-years) and red (50-years) are historic averages.

We can conclude:

1.The President is proposing significantly more spending than he proposed last year: 1.8% of GDP more in 2011, and roughly 1 percentage point more each year over time.

2.Spending is and will continue to be way above historic averages.

At its lowest point in the next decade federal spending would still be 1.7 percentage points above the 30-year historic average. Over the next decade, President Obama proposes spending be 12% higher as a share of the economy than it has averaged over the past three decades.


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  1. Wenzel, thanks for the heads up. This is a great chart - the picture is worth a thousand words.