Thursday, February 18, 2010

Did Rick Perry's Clear Channel Connections Sink Debra Medina?

Phillip Martin at Burnt Orange, clearly not an anti-big government guy, notes an interesting connection between the opponent of Debra Medina, Rick Perry, in the race for the Republican nomination as candidate for governor of Texas, and the radio network Clear Channel.

Clear Channel CEO and Chairman Lowry Mays has donated almost $300,000 to Perry over the last 10 years.

Beck is paid $10 million by a Clear Channel subsidiary for his radio show (Source: Forbes).

Martin writes:

Is it any surprise, then, that he ambushed Medina the way he did -- and subsequently told all of his radio listeners to support Perry? After he finished his interview with Medina, Beck went on to pronounce his love for Rick Perry (Source: Radio Interview Transcript):

GLENN: I think I can write her off the list. Let me take another look at Kay Bailey Hutchison if I have to. Rick, I think you and I could French kiss right now.

PAT: Let me tell you something. He's a damn handsome man.

GLENN: He's a damn handsome man.

PAT: Looks good in a pair of jeans.


PAT: He's a handsome man.

GLENN: Wow. The fastest way back to 4%.
The set-up by Beck was quickly echoed throughout the mainstream media. The Dallas Morning News went on to immediately call it a "game-ending-gaffe." Few in the media, however, noted Perry's financial ties to Clear Channel and Glenn Beck


  1. Very interesting; I'll forward the link to local media here in Dallas. Medina was set up, but what a dumb answer to even dumber question.

    People here in TX that are generally uninterested in politics were closely following the debates and were liking Medina a lot; at least until she gave even passing credibility to the 'truther' conspiracy (I know, calling out nutty conspiracies like that invite internet scorn, so have at it).

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  3. First, I love your blog.

    Second, I don't understand why you keep defending this woman. I heard the interview-- Beck was clearly not trying to ambush her. He figured she'd just dismiss the birthers and he could move on. She's a nutjob and she's not qualified.

    I think the Tea Party movement is a great thing, but that doesn't mean every person who tries to jump on it is a good candidate. This interview surely calls into question her judgement. This is starting to sound like a bunch of conspiracy theory craziness. (Sorry, I do love your blog, but this lady is nuts).

  4. The fix is in down here in Texas and Medina's stupidity/naivete didn't help. Perry and Hutchison are a haircut and empty suit, respectively, and Medina is a fatally flawed candidate with her heart in the right place. Much like Frederic March's character in Casablanca who is "shocked to find gambling going on" in Rick's Cafe are we really surprised that Clear Channel is in bed with big government and that Glenn Beck does what his paymasters tell him? I am not a truther or a birther and find those theories to be a distraction rather than a help. In that regard, Medina went "off message" with me even though, if I were to vote which I don't, I would vote for her. This is why I think Ron Paul is so valuable - he doens't get off message with the truther/birther nonsense and stays focused on real, concrete evils like the Fed, etc. while not being drawn down rabbit trails.

  5. What should be front and center in the governor's race is Rick Perry's handling of the Texas Enterprise Fund. He recently made two revisions on behalf of Carlyle Group affiliates, Vought Aircraft and Authentix.

    Kay Bailey won't bring up details, not with James A. Baker and George H.W. Bush as backers.