Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Glenn Beck Hit Job: Damage Assessment

Public Policy Polling is out with their latest numbers on the Texas governor's race. It does not appear that Medina will make the runoff. It'll be Hutchinson and Perry, with Perry winning the runoff. Here's PPP's take on the Beck hit on Debra Medina:

It's been a rough couple of weeks for Medina's standing. Her favorability spread in the previous poll was 40/9 for a +31 net positive. Now she's at 36/30 for a net positive of just +6. A 25 point drop on your numbers in the span of just two weeks is pretty unusual.

Fair or not the issue of whether Medina is a 'truther'- someone who thinks the federal government was involved in the 9/11 terrorist attacks- seems to be hurting her. 21% of primary voters think she subscribes to that theory while another 29% are unsure. Among that half of the electorate Medina is getting just 7% with 51% going to Perry and 30% to Hutchison. Medina actually leads with the half that does not think she is a truther, with 33% to 32% for Hutchison and 29% for Perry.
Here's how the race now looks according to PPP:

Perry leads with 40% to 31% for Hutchison and 20% for Medina. Compared to PPP's look at the race two weeks ago Perry has gained a point, Hutchison has gone up three, and Medina's standing has declined by four.

Unless Perry wins the remaining undecideds by an overwhelming margin and/or peels off more of Medina's support it looks like he won't get to the 50% needed for an outright victory next week. But he leads Hutchison 52-35 in a potential runoff thanks in large part to Medina's supporters, who say Perry is their second choice by a 52-24 margin.


  1. Carlyle wins with either a Perry or Hutchison victory. Hutchison has the backing of James A. Baker and President George H.W. Bush. Perry just amended Texas Enterprise Grant contracts with Carlyle affiliates, Vought Aircraft and Authentix. Those moves helped Carlyle keep millions in Texas taxpayer money, most of which should be refunded to the state.

  2. The PPP only shows that a runoff is eminent. Conservatives have the upper hand and will determine who will be in the runoff. If you want to ensure the most conservative candidates are in, vote Medina.

    I know Debra personally, and she is NOT a truther. Here is a recent interview on the topic. http://www.bit.ly/bt8W1M

    Go to her web site and find out more about her. Don't listen to rumors and spin, do your own research. http://medinafortexas.com

    Jennifer Asper