Thursday, February 11, 2010

Janet Tavakoli on 60 Minutes

This Sunday, EPJ friend Janet Tavakoli will put in a short appearance(barring breaking news) in a 60 Minutes segment , when Morley Safer examines gullibility in the financial world.
Hint: Janet is not one of the gullible ones.
So set your recorders, now.


  1. Tell her to plug EPJ: "*cough* epj..."

  2. How is it that Tavakoli never seems to connect the Ponzi scheme conspiracy dots to her benefactor Warren Buffett? Buffett owns (and currently selling off) about 20 percent of Moody’s. Remember that a Ponzi scheme only works if someone(s) trusted touts the value of the investment. Who better than “trusted” Moody’s! So Warren loses a few bucks on his tout–Moody’s– while making the big score investing in —- Goldman! Yep, Buffett’s 23 September 2008 sweetheart (yes it is Valentine’s Day) investment deal— $5 billion perpetual preferred paying 10 percent per annum, plus a 5 year right to buy $5 billion of Goldman common at $115 (currently at $153!!!). Nice Ponzi scheme Warren— Moody’s touts underlying crappy securities, Warren buys into the big dog, most connected firm on Wall Street— magical! Again, how is it that Tavakoli, who sees conspiracies everywhere, doesn’t go after this one? Obviously, she worships on bended knees in front of Warren Buffet. She seems to hate everyone on Wall Street— why not go after the guy 1269 miles to the west?????