Saturday, February 6, 2010

Judge Bars Testimony Relating to Carlyle Group Knowledge of Bribe

This is why you have Papa Bush as an adviser. Bad things disappear or are never brought up. From the Michigan Citizen:

The prosecution’s cast of witnesses in the Sam Riddle bribery trial is dominated by shady characters, with Carlyle Group subsidiary Synagro starring. Jurors have heard Synagro’s vice president of business development Pam Racey on tape apparently discussing bribes of former City Council President Monica Conyers.Former interim Detroit Mayor and City Council member Kenneth Cockrel, Jr.’s, Chief of Staff John Clark admitted earlier to taking Synagro bribes...

Jurors may never hear key evidence regarding Synagro. Carlyle/Synagro executives at a national level likely approved, and at least knew about, Synagro’s 2007 efforts to obtain a $1.2 billion city wastewater sludge contract through bribery, according to court testimony.“Why don’t you go after the Carlyle-Synagro group?” Riddle asked Detroit’s FBI Chief Andrew Arena in published pre-trial remarks before Cohn gagged him. “Deal with people on the board, like the Bush family.” ...

Cohn issued an order barring Riddle or his attorneys from pursuing the matter. During a cross-examination Jan. 29, he barred the defense from even asking about the Carlyle Group.

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  1. Curious that the focus is on the bribers rather than the bribees. The bribees (government officials) have all the power and they are abusing this power by extorting payments from the bribees (Carlyle,et al).

    So a crook threatens you with a gun and demands your wallet. You give him the wallet so he leaves you alone. Then the justice system puts you on trial for "bribing" the crook. Justice turned upside down.

    Prosecute the extortion.