Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LaTi Puts Debra Medina in Profile

The highlight:
Debra Medina isn't calling for Texas to secede from the union. She thinks the state should simply ignore federal laws that Texans can't abide. Check Spelling

"You get [the Environmental Protection Agency] off the backs of Texas agriculture, energy and manufacturing, we won't have an economic crisis," the gubernatorial hopeful says...

But as early voting starts Tuesday in the March 3 primary, Medina has emerged as a key factor in a Republican race once seen as a battle between two titans, Gov. Rick Perry and Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison.

Although sparsely funded, Medina, a small-business owner and "tea party" activist, could draw enough support to force an April runoff...Between them, Perry and Hutchison are expected to spend about $50 million scratching and clawing, and more if there is a runoff. (Medina has raised less than $700,000, using her credit card for such expenses as air travel.)
It appears that Medina is probably too far behiind to win (This time) But, as LaTi points out she is a factor, and she is not going away.

The full LaTi piece is here.

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