Tuesday, February 23, 2010

NYC Transit Worker Layoffs

The Great Recession has resulted in fewer riders in NYC, which means fewer transit riders, which means less revenue, which means lay offs. CBS reports:
CBS 2 HD has confirmed the Metropolitan Transportation Authority plans to let go more than 1,000 employees as it struggles to rein in ballooning deficits.

The layoffs, first reported by the Daily News, will include more than 600 administrative staffers from the various MTA divisions.

Another 450 subway station agents are also expected to lose their jobs. The administrative cuts were to be announced Tuesday and equal a savings totaling nearly $50 million.

MTA Chairman Jay Walder indicated the layoffs were in the works during a speech last month.

"The current economic climate demands that we...transform the way the MTA operates," Walder said. "I know it will be painful...there will be layoffs."

The MTA operates the nation's largest commuter rail, subway and bus systems, and has about 70,000 employees.


  1. Good riddance. Most of the station agents are useless.

  2. @ M.D. Labeit... I'm a station agent and I wonder how you will function when those "useless station agents" aren't there when your money gets stuck in the machines or there some other problem that a "useless station agent" can help you with. People don't appreciate things until they are gone.