Monday, February 1, 2010

Politico Notices Debra Medina

Ron Paul supporter, Debra Medina, who is running as a candidate for the Republican nomination for governor of Texas, caught the eye of Politico's Jessica Taylor. Taylor writes:
Medina's second debate splash

As the Texas gubernatorial primary heads into the home stretch, the three top Republican candidates clashed in a debate Friday evening, with incumbent Gov. Rick Perry on the defensive over his relationships with state lobbyists.

The Dallas Morning News reported that Perry touted the state's financial strength amid the recession, and continued to blame many of the state's problems on illegal immigration. All the candidates agreed they would push for more border patrol funding, and Sen.Kay Bailey Hutchison kept knocking Perry for alleged mismanagement of the state's transportation department.

Making a splash for the second consecutive debate was businesswoman Debra Medina, the head of the Wharton County GOP, who gained inclusion in the televised forums after a Rasmussen Reports survey showed her drawing 12 percent of the primary vote.

The Morning News reported that Medina struck the most memorable notes of the televised debate, speaking with a nothing-to-lose abandon and an independent stridency," pushing her plan to repeal the state’s property taxes in favor of an expanded sales tax.

She scorched Perry and Hutchison as career politicians who had lost touch with the people of Texas.

"Together they are a team of economic tricksters intent on destroying our freedoms and selling Texas to the highest bidder," she said.

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