Saturday, February 20, 2010

So Just Who Exactly Is WaPo Polling?

Tim Geithner and Rahm Emanuel?

Tom Jensen of Public Policy Polling (who was a week ahead of the other pollsters in detecting the Scott Brown's surge in Massachusetts) writes:
I was a little skeptical last week of the Washington Post poll showing that 71% of Americans, including a majority of Republicans, didn't think Sarah Palin was qualified to be President. So we asked it over the weekend and found that 59% of Americans- but only 30% of Republicans- don't think Palin is qualified. That sounds a little more right to me- it was mostly the GOP numbers that I doubted.

Here's what's interesting though- matched up against Barack Obama, Sarah Palin gets 22% from people who don't think she's qualified to be President


  1. I KNOW Palin's not qualified to be president, but I'd most likely vote for her over Obama... then watch debates with no teleprompters or hand notes and feel ashamed. On election day I'd write in my dog's name for president.

  2. Palin is a young reporter's dream; she couldn't get her facts straight if her life depended on it. A Democratic state legislator said it best: it's policy by personality.

    I will say this though: she is smokin' hot when you see her in person.