Monday, March 29, 2010

Abbie Hoffman on Yippie Tactics - 1968

Maybe this is why Abbie Hoffman "committed suicide" before the recent wars heated up.


  1. What's all the recent hubbub over dead Marxists?

  2. Ha, best quote ever, "We ain't never gonna work, man."

    Okay, parasite. If you don't work, then you're living off someone else. Every animal on this planet has to work for a living.

    I liked his idea of how easy it is to get the media to report lies as fact. But who are these people? Where did they come from? They're like aliens. I don't see why they cared about America, they're so atypical in terms of historical Americans.

    What an absolutely bizarre era.

  3. I think that guy on the right killed Hoffman when he picked up his girlfriend at the commune.

  4. Abbie totally out Alpha'd that guy...the girlfriend was his for the taking.

    Abbie Hoffman doesn't buy girls drinks at the bar...they buy him sandwiches after hes done making love to them.

  5. @Keith Kelly

    You are right about Hoffman and women. A friend of mine used to hang out in the same bar as Hoffman. He said it was amazing. Hoffman could get the women.