Wednesday, March 31, 2010

File Under Curious

French President Nicolas Sarkozy was in Washington D.C. yesterday.

I happened to be passing by the Willard InterContinental Hotel where he was staying, as he was leaving to meet with President Obama. Many VIPs stay at the Willard, and often you will see an extended canopy over the sidewalk when it is a heavyweight, so you rarely get to see them.

As I passed by I noticed the Secret Service and the motorcycles that were ready for a motorcade, but there was no extended canopy, so I figured it was some second rate VIP.

Much to my surprise, it was for Sarkozy. He stepped out of the hotel and from the sidewalk actually stopped for a second and waved to the few people, mostly tourists, who stood by waiting to see who would come out of the hotel.

So the questions are: Does the Secret Service not consider Sarkozy in much danger, relative to other leaders? Thus, no canopy. Do they not care? Was there no canopy for Sarkozy based on some kind of "openness with the people" policy that Sarkozy has?

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