Monday, March 29, 2010

Goldman's PR Problem May Cost Blankfein His Job

Goldman's idiotic PR approach, while it rapes America, has even caught the eye of FOXnews. They write:
The decision announced earlier Monday that the Treasury Department has chosen Morgan Stanley to advise it on unloading its massive stake in Citigroup -- the largest stock offering in history and one of the most high-profile investment banking assignments in years -- has given credence to the opinion of some senior executives inside the firm that Goldman's image problems will impact its client related business. These executives worried that prospective investment-banking clients concerned about their association with the firm will simply hire other players rather than face the fallout of working with Goldman.
While the firm continues to deny it, there are indications that a coup attempt is in the making. This news story at FOX was just another plant to keep the story boiling internally and to judge reactions to the story, to see who else might be recruited for the coup attempt.

Lloyd Blankfein may, or may not, be aware of who is gunning for him, but rest assured the plotting continues. I will be very surprised if he survives the year.

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