Thursday, March 11, 2010

Greek Protesters: "No Sacrifice for the Rich"

The Greek austerity program is really working out well. Reuters reports:
Greek public and private sector workers went on strike on Thursday, grounding flights, shutting schools and halting public transport in the second nationwide walkout in two weeks in protest against austerity plans.

Athens' streets echoed with loud-speakers blaring slogans calling for the rich to pay for a severe debt crisis, as thousands marched against cuts in civil servants' income, tax hikes, a pension freeze and increase in the retirement age.

"No sacrifice for the rich!" protesters chanted, beating drums and holding banners reading: "Where did the money go?"

Greek police fired teargas at groups of stone-throwing youths in central Athens...

"Let parliament burn," chanted dozens of youths wearing black hoods and waving leftist and anarchist flags.


  1. "Where did the money go?"

    Are they serious? Or just really stupid?

  2. Coming soon to a U.S. city near you.

  3. "Where did the money go?" Incredible - guess they never thought to ask some of their fellow overpaid and underworked civil servants.

  4. I already read this part of Atlas Shrugged. Wait till you guys get to the next chapter.

  5. What time did they get up for the protest?