Friday, March 12, 2010

Harvard Business Review on Must-See Movies for Entrepreneurs

After the Oscars last weekend, I started to think about which movies have really inspired me as an entrepreneur. Here are three films I believe that you should not only see, but also share with your teams. Each ties to an important entrepreneurial and leadership lesson.

Man on Wire

A story of the fanatical pursuit of a dream. Philippe Petit, a French tightrope walker, was consumed by the idea of walking a wire between New York's former World Trade twin towers. To do so, he would need years of planning and would have to do it as a covert mission. When I first watched this film, I did not know if it was based on a true story or not. The narrative and grainy black-and-white shots made me constantly question whether I was wishing for this to be true or if it was just brilliant story-telling. The fact that Petit is real and actually accomplished the feat in August of 1974 is beyond incredible. In an earlier post, I wrote about the thin line that great entrepreneurs balance between what Oscar Levant described as genius and insanity. You want someone like Petit to succeed because it seems so improbable and outlandish that it takes a creative visionary with some degree of craziness to pull it off. Seeing this movie is an inspiration for those who dare to think differently and push the boundaries.

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  1. I am sure you will get a lot of responses on this one so I will simply list some of my favorites in random order: Shawshank Redemption with Tim Robbins and Morgan Freeman (the scene at the end makes the whole movie);The Edge with Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin (..what one man can do another can do...); The Pursuit of Happiness with Will Smith; and a documentary named Mammoth Dreams, The Story of Dave McCoy (how McCoy, starting from nothing built one of the greatest ski resorts in North America) a truly inspiring story.