Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Obama's Love Affair with Left-Wing Berkeley

Berkeleyside reports:

President Obama and Berkeley seem to be having a love affair.

With the White House’s recent nomination of UC Berkeley law professor Goodwin Liu for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and its expected nomination of Janet Yellen, an economics professor emeritus, for the No. 2 spot at the Federal Reserve, there will be at least 11 people from Berkeley who have assisted the president.

Here is a run-down:

Steven Chu is the Secretary of Energy. Chu, a Nobel-Prize winner, is the former director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Christina Romer is chair of Obama’s Council of Economic Advisors. She was a professor of economics at UC Berkeley.

Arun Majumdar is the director of the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy at the Department of Energy. He was the Associate Laboratory Director for Energy and Environment at Lawrence Berkeley Lab and a professor of mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering at UC Berkeley.

Thomas Kalil is the associate director for policy at the Office of Science and Technology. He ran the Big Ideas @ Berkeley program at UC Berkeley.
Cecilia Muñoz is the director for intergovernmental affairs at the White House staff. She has a master’s degree in Latin American Studies from UC Berkeley,

Tim Skoczek is a press assistant in the White House Office of Media Affairs. He is a Berkeley native...

Berkeley is present in other aspects of the White House, as well. The Obamas recently decided to display the picture “Berkeley 52″ (above) by Richard Diebenkorn. The artist lived much of his life in Berkeley.

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