Thursday, March 11, 2010

The "Other Side" of Mises

Richard Ebeling emails:
Peter Boettke has posted a piece on "Coordination Problem" about the question of how one should think about policy issues.

I added a rather lengthy comment about how Mises thought about policy issues and advocacy based on his writings during his nearly 25 years at the Vienna Chamber of Commerce between the two World Wars.

Steve Horwitz very kindly re-posted it as a separate "guest" commentary on "Coordination Problem."

I thought you might find it of interest. The link is here.
Ebeling's comment is must reading for anyone who is a serious student of Austrian economics or Mises.

Mises, like Murray Rothbard, were not just simply ivory tower theorists. Their writing on theory is generally so brilliant and lucid that it comes as a surprise to see them enter the battle of what I have dubbed realeconomik, especially in the case of Mises (Since with Rothbard, it is much easier to be aware of his political activities).

There have been hints of Mises' realeconomik thinking scattered about, but Ebeling in his comment paints a great picture of this "other side" of Mises, which really is a picture of the seldom understood part of the well-rounded Mises, great economist but also brilliant real world, realeconomik adviser.

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