Monday, March 29, 2010

Peter Schiff as a Closer

A friend of mine recently told me that he was on a radio show to promote his book, at the end of the show the host butchered the title of the book so bad that there was no chance anyone  would find his book on Amazon or at a bookstore.

I immediately responded, "Peter Schiff wouldn't have let that happen, end of show or not, he would have immediately corrected the host." Then I directed him to an interview that Robert Ringer conducted with Schiff. It was a long interview and Ringer and Schiff seemed to get along great, but by the end of the show Ringer had failed to mention Schiff's book. Ringer started to rap up the show and Schiff piped right in, something like, "Don't forget to mention my book."

It was the right thing to do. Schiff was on the show to promote his name and his book, and so when it became clear that Ringer was going to forget to mention the book, Shiff did so without hesitation.

I also recall a Judge Napolitano show where Schiff was a guest. It was another case where he spoke up and without hesitation asked for listeners to send him money if they wanted him to enter the senatorial race that he is now in.

Schiff is one of the best I have seen at closing. He knows why he is doing something and is confident when he asks for whatever he wants. It is a simple thing, yet it is very difficult to do for many. It is difficult for some salesman, and it is difficult for many others who need to ask for something.They can't close.

I have come across talented people from time to time who don't have the confidence in themselves that they should. When you are good at what you do, you shouldn't hesitate to ask for what  you  have want, with confidence  and without hesitation. I tell these people about Schiff and tell them to go listen to the end of the Ringer interview. And I tell them about the Judge Napolitano spot. And then I tell them that there are probably other youtube videos of Schiff closing. I tell them to study those spots where Schiff never hesitates to ask for what he wants. Schiff is the penultimate closer, I tell them. And I tell them that's the way they should close.

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  1. What a great observation of Peter. I had not thought of that before, but you are absolutely right. He is a great closer. It must be from all those cold calls he has made throughout his career to build his business.

    Peter needs our support in his run for the senate.
    Go to: and donate or volunteer your time making calls to Connecticut residents.