Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Peter Schiff Gets Regular Spot on CNBC Show

Peter Schiff will now be a regular guest on the CNBC Fast Money show. He will appear twice weekly, Tuesday and Thursday, whenever his schedule permits. The show runs from 5-6pm EST.

In a letter to supporters, Schiff wrote:
This is a huge boost to friends of the free market everywhere, and a demonstration of our increasing influence. While we believe in the principles of economic liberty, television networks are much more responsive to ratings than ideology. The fact that CNBC has given me a regular opportunity to share the free market viewpoint is a great credit to that organization, but it's up to you to reward them for promoting truth instead of propaganda.

People who oppose the current economic drift in Washington and who abhor the phony advice offered by many Wall Street commentators can take action by tuning in to CNBC every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm Eastern. If we can noticeably bump up the show's ratings, then even more media attention could follow.

We need to boost their ratings so they boost our message. It's that simple.

My supporters know that I am not a stock pumper or crony capitalist. I'm out there trying to present basic economics to Americans so that our country can prosper. CNBC has given me a good platform. Let's build on it. Thanks for your support.

1 comment:

  1. This is so beneath you MR SCHIFF YOU CAN NOT BE SERIOUS these people are totally without a shed of honor. Your whole essence is antithetical to what these people spew on a daily basic. I just can't believe you chose to do this. I've listened to you for years and have the utmost respect for your opinions and will continue to listen to you but NEVER on CNBC FAST MONEY. The day they canned RATIGAN was my last day.