Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Peter Schiff Wins Debate....

of Connecticut Republican senatorial candidates says Alexandria Hubbard of the University of Hartford's Informer:
I am not a Republican. Watching the Republican U.S. Senate Debate was kind of like nails on a chalkboard for me. But, in the end, there had to be a winner. After listening to 60 minutes of debate, I’ll award that honor tonight to Peter Schiff...

...[T]here was something about Schiff that tilted this debate to him. He has a lot of knowledge about the economy, and he expressed that during his closing remarks. I believe there is something in him that could provide change for Connecticut, though not necessarily a change that I support.


  1. I'm conflicted. I have a stepson in college, yet I hate college students for the most part. They are like Matrix hatchlings still connected to the machine in their little pods. I am surprised Schiff's actual knowledge didn't blow a gasket on the little dear.

  2. It's time to drop the partisan dance. Obviously it didn't matter what party was in power. Both parties expanded the government beyond it's proper role of defending our liberties. They used out tax dollars to bailout their Wall Street friends and continue to print money out of thin air. Political labels are deceiving. Peter Schiff predicting the housing bubble. He deserves to be elected. We need real, genuine people like him, not phony, party first politicians.