Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Republican Primary Results for Texas; Ron Paul Blowout

U.S. House District 14

Ron Paul 80%

Others 19%

Reports Lew Rockwell:
Among the Democrats, there will be a runoff to see who can be crushed by Ron Paul in the November general election. Neocon public school teacher Jeff Cherry lost with 27% of the vote. The top two Dems are ex-prosecutor Winston Cochran, who got 31%, and chief of cops Robert Pruett, who got 42%

Governor's Race

Rick Perry 51.08%

Kay Bailey Hutchison 30.32%

Debra Medina 18.58%

From Public Policy Polling on Medina's race (Note: Written the morning of the primary):

A 20% performance for Medina would still be impressive, given the two political titans she's facing off against. But her lack of sustained momentum after peaking at 24% in our polling three weeks ago will also show several limitations of the 'Tea Party' movement:

1) Just as we saw with Patrick Hughes in Illinois if you can't compete with the big boys financially, you can't compete with the big boys, period. Perry and Hutchison have had the funds to saturate the airwaves and Medina hasn't, and that's why her name recognition was still under 50% on our final poll of the Texas race. These Republican insurgents may not need a ton of money to make some noise, but they do need a ton of money to actually win anything
PPP's interesting comment about Rand Paul:
Republican voters may be more open to candidates from outside the mainstream of their party this year but there's a limitation to how far outside the mainstream you can be and still hope to get some traction. 79% of Texas Republicans have a favorable opinion of George W. Bush. So Medina made a big mistake by allowing the perception to be created that Bush's administration may have had something to do with 9/11. Tea Party candidates need to be able to avoid the 'kook' label if they're going to be successful- it will be interesting in Kentucky to see if some of Rand Paul's past statements end up really hurting him the way Medina's did her.


  1. I live in his district. In 2008, a well funded, photogenic, well-to-do Republican party insider ran against Paul. He was a very nice man and I met him a couple times. He only got 30% of the vote. Until Paul gets too old or they radically redraw his district, he can not lose.

  2. As for Rick Perry, he claims to be against D.C. spending. The victor said:

    "Hardworking Texans sent a simple, compelling message to Washington: Quit spending all the money!"

    Funny, Rick sent lots of Texas taxpayer money to D.C. based Carlyle Group during his time in the Governor's Mansion.