Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Senator Diane Feinstein's Husband Joins San Francisco Fed Advisory Board

The Federal Reserve really is a tight little circle.

The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco said that Richard Blum, chairman and founder of San Francisco private equity firm Blum Capital Partners, joined the bank’s economic advisory council for a three-year term.

Blum, who is the husband of Sen. Dianne Feinstein, founded Blum Capital in 1975. Blum is also co-chairman-Asia of TPG Capital and co-founder of Newbridge Capital, now part of TPG Capital. TPG, formerly known as Texas Pacific Group, is one of the nation’s largest private equity firms.

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  1. Whatever happened to the nice plumb Diane dropped in her husbands lap by extending her power into the FDIC? It was reported he received a consulting contract from the FDIC after Diane obtained increased funding for the FDIC despite the fact she has no official authority over this agency. The story seems to have dropped from sight.