Monday, April 26, 2010

Geithner: "I Never Had A Real Job"

During a CNN interview, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner admits he never had "a real job." What is even more interesting is that, in a light-hearted manner, he says that many people would not even consider the period he worked for Henry Kissinger Associates as private sector work. How true, Timothy. How true.

The clip is here. You should also note that the interview is conducted by Fareed Zakaria, who just so happened to be the person who defended Goldman Sachs this morning in an WaPo Op-Ed. Zakaria's defense was correct, but it is an awfully small club, isn't it?



  1. Here is the Video:

  2. Geithner is a complete idiot. Not only does he not understand economics, but he doesn't know when to keep his mouth shut.

    This "never had a real job" comment just makes his image that much worse.

  3. There's another senior Obama official who doesn't know when or how to keep his mouth shut. General James Jones told a Jewish joke at WINEP.

    I believe the club is so insular and full of hubris, they feel they can say anything.