Thursday, April 1, 2010

Inside the EPJ Vault

I am pleased to announce the launching of The Vault at

It will be the one stop storage facility for all important speeches and statements from government officials, key economists and corporate leaders.

Some speeches will be of little value, others may provide important key information for researchers or to help others with their investment decisions.

Today, for example, we have added Treasury Secretary Geithner's speech at the United Steelworkers headquarters and the statement issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York as it released more data about the Maiden Lane entities it created during the financial crisis.


  1. excellent idea; added to my database bookmarks...

  2. I heard Gary North started a similar thing awhile ago called, "They said it."

    Have you thought of teaming up with him?

    Of course, outside of having common ground in Austro-libertarianism, both of you strike me as completely different in terms of style, temperament, and focus.

    Just a thought.