Thursday, April 22, 2010

L. A. Closing Down Courts Because of Budget Crisis

In the midst of a serious budget crisis, courtrooms in Los Angles are getting shut down and are disrupting everything from divorce and custody proceedings to traffic ticket disputes.

The Los Angeles court system has already closed 17 courtrooms and another 50 will be shut down come September unless something is done to find more money, according to AP. The judge who presides over the system predicts chaos and an unprecedented logjam of civil and family law cases in the worst-case scenario.

At the state level, California has decided to close all California courthouses on the third Wednesday of every month because of its own financial crisis.

If you get the sense that a storm is swirling in the not too far off distance, you are correct. You have an edge, though, the people walking by you on the sidewalks for the most part don't have a clue. Cash is going to be king for awhile and then gold, prepare accordingly.



  1. Sounds like an opportunity for an entrepreneuer in the arbitration business.

  2. Well, gee, maybe if they had less idiotic laws to enforce, they would have less need for courts.