Sunday, April 4, 2010

On Being Too Kind to Tyler Cowen

In reference to this post, Karen De Coster writes:

....remember that Cowen is the guy who wrote an article in the New York Times in 2008, and mentioned Mises in this way:
Ludwig von Mises, the leader of the so-called Austrian School of Economics…
Yes, I *do think* Cowen used that term, here, to convey contempt. One of Cowen’s “greatest hits” is his 2006 piece (in the same rag) selling the idea of income redistribution, universal 401k accounts, and various other instruments of central planning. You are being kind to call him only a Keynesian. Cowen is an enthusiastic tool of the state. He’s the house organ for what I call “free market totalitarianism.” Spend years building up a “so-called” libertarian resume, and then sell your Keynesian, socialist poison under your brand that people identify with libertarianism. Cowen long ago realized that becoming “prominent” meant he had to be published through the state’s various media organs and speak out in favor of the ideas of redistribution and the omnipotent state.

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  1. De Coster has hit this nail on the head. Cowen reminds me of a less subtle version of Greenspan. He has little self-esteem, seems in awe of those willing to use force to get what they want and is desperate for their approval.