Friday, April 30, 2010

What Really Patches Up the PIIGS Crisis (Short Term)?

$2 trillion dollars patches up the problem through 2013. Total current IMF bailout capacity: $700 billion. A bit short.

Further, keep in mind that these countries are black holes for money. $2 trillion would only resolve the current money needs. There is no indication at all that any of these countries have any plan to resolve their continuing crises  in any way other than counting on bailout money.

Here's a Bank America table that  details the debt coming due and the deficits, for the next three years, on a country-by-country basis,  for the PIIGS:

Click on table for larger view.



  1. Bailing out PIIGS is all about free lunch economics. Too bad free lunches don't exist.

  2. The table is wildly optimistic. It does not include the impact of higher interest rates an assumes that all these countries will really get their current deficits under control. Nice fairy tale.