Thursday, April 8, 2010

White House Adviser: Obamacare Is About Throwing Stuff Against the Wall

Peter R. Orszag, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, participated in a question-and-answer discussion led by David Rubenstein, Carlyle Group co-Founder and President of the Economic Club of Washington, DC.

Orzsag may regret the discussion was videotaped. There were two YouTube moments, which I find even hard to believe at this point.

During the Q & A, Orszag volunteered that right now, given the margin of error, the deficit projections five years out could be off by up to $2 trillion.
The whopper, though came when he discussed Obamacare and how he expected it to provide a surplus to the budget. He stated that the key was to replace paying for quantity with paying for quality. He then stated that he had no idea how to price quality but that the Obamacare legislation provided for much flexibility and that they were "going to throw stuff against the wall, and see what sticks."

That's the plan folks. Revealed at last.


  1. This is getting me really wee-weed up

  2. I haven't seen the clips yet, but this summary doesn't surprise me.

    It's a lot like your posts about the mayor of LA. Like Villaraigosa, Orszag has no concept of economics.

    All you need is a plan, forget objective reality. And seeing as how you're a government official it is almost guaranteed that you won't be held accountable for your stupid plan.

    The ignorance of these people is astounding. It's almost as if some of these people believe you can plan and legislate anything, even sunlight.

  3. Orzag may have been sucking up to his host. Rubenstein's Carlyle Group owns MultiPlan, which just closed on health care cost manager Viant.

    Early on Geithner gave a big shout out to Pete Peterson. Orzag could've been pandering to Rubenstein. PEU's are on the ground floor of virtually every White House movement.

    I trust your report, but am very interested in seeing the video.