Wednesday, May 19, 2010

$20 Million Bid for Blog Site

Avid Life Media, the owner of sites including and Ashley Madison, has partnered with two prominent gossip bloggers to put in a $20 million bid to acquire, reports Gawker.

Avid Life's spokesperson, Steph Davidson, confirmed to us this morning that the company has teamed with Zack Taylor—gossip blogger and proprietor of—and Nik Richie, who runs the gossip site, to make a bid for Davidson also confirmed that a Letter of Intent was submitted to Perez and his attorneys earlier this week, and that Avid Life is now just waiting for a response


  1. It is truly sad what the hoi polloi value...

  2. I'd say this is impressive. This guy is getting an offer of $20 million for tabloid garbage that basically any gossiping fool armed with a camera and lacking manners can do.

  3. E.P.J. - you guys are JERKS for posting this crap. Who gives a rats arse about this guy or his idiotic website? This has nothing to do with the economy.