Monday, May 24, 2010

Do Obama and Geithner Have a Man-Crush on Each Other?

This is getting real strange but, that's what senior White House advisor David Axelrod says according to New York Magazine's John Heilemann:
In the administration’s early months, Geithner’s orientation often put him at odds with White House political mavens, including David Axelrod, who were acutely attuned to the electorate’s retributive impulses...(Axelrod would laugh at rumors that Geithner was about to get the boot: “Don’t these people realize they have a man-crush on each other?”)
We also learn from Heilmann that Geithner and Obama met,
secretly at a W hotel in Manhattan in the waning days of the [Presidential election] campaign
Heilmann also tells us that Obama and Geithner were,
Born two weeks apart in 1961, both had grown up overseas and possessed the same cool detachment, love of sports, and relentless discipline.
No mention is made of the fact that Geithner's father ran the micro-loan Asia division of the Ford Foundation, while Obama's mother founded the micro-loan program in Indonesia.

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  1. With Obamanomics working better than you think (BusinessWeek says Obama has a "hot hand" and implies the man is swishing them left and right) it's no wonder Geithner has a bit of a man-crush-- after sinking a three on the Chinese on a recent trip, Obama is obviously a man after his own heart, and vice versa!