Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Evidence Continues to Mount that the ECB and Federal Reserve are Attempting to Crash the Markets

There has been simply no growth in the Federal Reserve U.S. money supply (M2) for months. And as previously announced the European Central Bnak drained E26.5 billion  from the banking system in a one-week liquidity absorbing operation.

Got that? All the money the ECB pumped into the system just over a week ago to stabilise the system, they have drained out.

The ECB has scheduled another liquidity draining operation for next week.

Now, I'm all for stable non-inflationary money, but the head of the Federal Reserve, Ben Bernanke, and the head of the ECB, Jean Trichet, are not. They are Keynesians who believe that you pumped money into the system to "save" the economy during a downturn.

Thus, you have to wonder what is going. The Keynesians that are in control sure don't want this stock market or economy strong.


  1. Maybe Bernanke read the book you sent him

  2. In ~2000 the talking heads were speaking of how Greenspan had kept interest rates too low for too long showing they had to go up.

    Despite that fact they encouraged policies of loaning to families they KNEW would be in bankrupcy with their first, INEVITABLE rate increase.

    What sort of "errors" will be inserted into this case against Goldman Sachs that will allow them to walk?

    Please listen to Dr. John Coleman's prescient 1996 lecture and compare that to the subsequent history attacking the American middle class.

    Was he a prophet?


  4. When the altimeter says you're flying high, but you look out the window and see the ground approaching, which metric are you going to believe?