Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Free Market Competition: Google Docs Forces Microsoft to Offer Free Version of Office 2010

Seattle Times reports
 Microsoft launches its latest version, Office 2010, on Wednesday in New York — and the stakes couldn't be higher. The lucrative franchise is threatened by a changing market spouting a four-letter word: free. The biggest threat comes from Google, specifically Google Docs, Web applications accessible from any computer. Because of Google, Microsoft has been forced to make a free ad-supported version called Office Web Apps.
Viva la competition!


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  1. I have to laugh about Google docs. The security flaws alone (though not well publicized) should preclude it from being used for any business apps. It's just not there. Not to mention the limited feature set.

    And, um, Microsoft Live has been around since 2006? Doing free cloud docs like Google, only without the bugs and security breaches. I'm glad the Seattle-Times is up with the latest news, though.