Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Greek Workers Call One-Day Strike

 Greek workers on Wednesday called a 24-hour general strike for May 20, the latest in a series of protests against planned pension cuts linked to an international 110-billion-euro ($139.7 billion) bailout for Greece. reports Reuters.

The country's socialist government unveiled a draft law on Monday that raises the average retirement age and pares back benefits to plug the pension system's ballooning deficits.

"The IMF will not stop thirsting for workers' blood," said Yannis Panagopoulos, chairman of Greece's main private sector labour union GSEE. "Its recipes are a disaster and the government must turn them down."

The walkout is expected to ground flights to and from Greece, disrupt transport and shut down ministries and public services across the country.

 The  Greeks want the bailout money, but not the cutbacks.

They could very well end up without the money and a collapse of the current government structure, i.e. 100% cutbacks in government spending.

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