Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Highest Paid Public Speakers

HuffPo recently put together a list of the highest paid public speakers. If the fees seem a bit out of whack, keep in mind that HuffPo used actual fees paid and not what these speakers can necessarily get on a regular basis.

Donald Trump: $1.5 Million

Bill Clinton: $150,000-$450,000

Rudy Guiliani: $270,000

Tony Blair: $250,000+

Alan Greenspan: $250,000

Larry Summers: $135,000

Sir Richard Branson: $100,000+

Lance Armstrong: $100,000+

Sarah Palin: $100,000

Al Gore: $100,000


  1. Robert Wenzel: $3,500

    Buy him now, while he's still cheap and not yet earning Trump-money!

  2. I love Al Gore. Jetting through the world, earning more with one speach than most people in an entire year, while telling them to cut back with everything.

    But hey, I am a stupid european, and we hand away nobel peace prizes for that.