Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hollywood Ponzi Scammer Used Pete Peterson as His Top Reference

Okay, it's time to recap a bit.

NYC money manger to the stars, Kenneth Starr, has been busted for running a multi-million dollar Ponzi scheme--many, many movies stars are caught in the scam.

The former husband of Lynn Forester de Rothschild, Andy Stein, is on the edge of the scam, he has been busted for tax evasion.

Rothschild sits on the board of the Peter Peterson Institute. The Institute board members recently received a private briefing on the economy from Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner. OMB chief Peter Orszag reports directly to Geithner. Orszag's new wife (he dumped his pregnant fiancee for the new wife), shows up in the Facebook friends page of Starr's wife, the former stripper. Got all that?

Now comes the latest, Daily Beast is reporting that none other than Pete Peterson was giving a thumbs up on those who asked about Starr's money management skills.

In short, all these loose connections circle around a very tight crowd that appears to have some influence at the White House. The top power broker of this crew is  Peterson who appears to have one of the tightest connections to Starr and appears to have vouched for Starr. It is very, very unlikely that Peterson had any knowledge of what Starr was up to, but you have to wonder about a White House confidant who can't spot a Ponzi scammer and his pole dancing wife from a mile away.

But it does seem to be the type of people you find around Peterson.  Starr dumped his wife, who is suffering from multiple sclerosis,  for the pole dancer. The divorced Orszag dumps his pregnant fiancee for a television news broadcaster.  And Lynn Forester traded up to, well, a very old Rothschild. All and all, quite a crew-the type of crew that you don't want anywhere near policy making decisions at a national level. Nevertheless, went they aren't hanging with Ponzi scammer Starr, at national policy discussions is where you are likely to find this crowd.

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