Wednesday, May 26, 2010

If You Shoot a Scumbag...

The revolution is taking many forms. Here's the Paul Huebl perspective:

The North side parks and beaches [of Chicago]have seen a dramatic rise in racially motivated armed robberies, beatings, rapes and killings. The perpetrators are ... gang members prowling in wolf packs looking for vulnerable victims.

Going to Chicago’s parks especially in nice weather is simply too dangerous. If you must go and have the training bring a suitable large caliber gun and enough ammunition for multiple attackers. Going anywhere at all in Chicago without a meaningful way to protect yourself is crazy...
Remember folks the clock is ticking until all of Barack Obama’s checks start bouncing and civil unrest make Chicago uninhabitable. That could only change if fed up Chicagoans, begin to use their second Amendment rights and refuse to be victims. The cowardly predators will quickly vanish rather than to face real resistance.

Remember if you shoot a scumbag no law requires you stay there or call the police. You have an absolute right and duty to yourself to remain silent.

Leave the scene collecting any and all weapons you can. If contacted by the police remember these four words, “I WANT A LAWER.”

Do not admit anything including being in fear for your life. Save that for your lawyer or a jury if they arrest you. Talking to police will almost guarantee your arrest. Silence is truly golden.

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  1. 100% agree with this guy. Exercise the 5th, every chance you get, not just when you blow away a scumbag but when you get stopped at a Gestapo Alcohol Control Checkpoint or any other police-related potential-entrapment.