Wednesday, May 12, 2010

John Carney Headed to CNBC

CNBC has announced that John Carney will be joining In addition to writing for the site, Carney will also appear regularly on CNBC’s Business Day programming.

This is a great spot for Carney. He's a great reporter with great connections. And, he has fans everywhere.

Sometime back after I wrote a post about Carney, here's what Tom Woods emailed me:
FYI, you are certainly correct about his talent. I knew him at Harvard -- he spent a year there while enrolled at SUNY Binghamton -- and we hit it off right away. Extremely smart and a great writer. I have never felt a dinner with him was wasted time. He and I in fact watched the 2000 election returns in a Manhattan bar together.
The CNBC press release announcing Carney's joining the network is in the EPJ Vault, here.

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