Friday, May 28, 2010

Matt Taibbi Leaves True/Slant

In a vague statement, Matt Taibbi late on Friday evening posted that he will no longer be blogging at True/Slant:

So it is with some sadness that I have to announce that I’m going to be leaving True/Slant. Starting in a few days I will be back blogging exclusively at

I say with sadness because I thought and still think that True/Slant is a great organization, one that is innovative and well-run and and whose founders have been a genuine pleasure to work with. Folks like Coates Bateman, Michael Roston and Lewis Dvorkin have taught me a lot about how the internet business works and have convinced me that there may actually be a future universe in which writers will be able to carve out some sort of dignified employment amid the wreckage of the print journalism business, and will not have to hook or boost cars for food. I think they have a great idea with this site and I’m sure they will continue their success.
UPDATE: Inside speculation has it that the acquisition of True/Slant by FORBES Magazine was the reason Taibbi was released.

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