Friday, May 21, 2010

Max Keiser Attack on Rand Paul

WTF? Not sure the angle on this, but pretty brutal.

Keiser tweets:

Ron Paul threw away the baby and kept the placenta and named it Randal. In a rebranding ode to Ayn - they renamed it Rand. via web

Will Rand Paul become the next insta-pundit multi-millionaire faux politician cashing in on celebrity a la Sarah Palin? via web


  1. Rand does not come from Ayn Rand. He has said it a lot of times.

    I use to listen a lot to Max Kaiser but the more I know about economics the more I realize he is just a clown.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that Max is a bomb thrower. Yes, he correctly identifies a lot of villains... but he really just wants to watch things burn.

  3. Probably a little over the top, but if you watched Rand's interview with Wolf Blitzer I think you might see what he's talking about. Rand seemed like much more of a politician than his dad. He seemed to be saying what it took to get past the issue instead of defending his stand.

    I say that, because I was pretty disappointed when watching the interview after being so excited about his win.

  4. Don't know much about Max but what little I've heard from Rand Paul is that he is still a Statist through and through.

  5. Sigh...unfortunately, the country will be even deeper in its hole a year from now, with or without Rand in office. This is just an (unfortunate) side show.

    Maybe if his dad gets elected, but then what? Could he really single-handedly dismantle the beast?

    This is just not going to end well.