Monday, May 3, 2010

The Partner of Goldman's New PR Agent Is Using Goldman as a Symbol of Disgrace

I knew the hiring by Goldman, of PR agent Mark Fabiani, would be fun. Here we go.

The partner of Fabiani  thinks Goldman is so scammy that they can use that fact as the centerpiece of an effort to defeat Meg Whitman, who is a candidate for governor of California.

John Lovell at Capitol Rap reports:
Democratic operative Chris Lehane feels that the G-S issue can be used to great impact against potential GOP gubernatorial nominee Meg Whitman. He is involved with an “independent” effort to defeat eMeg, known as LEVEL THE PLAYING FIELD. Over the past several weeks, LEVEL has been in the forefront of efforts to link eMeg to the G-S debacle. Seems that eMeg was a member of the G-S Board of Directors and Democrats believe that they have finally found the elixir that can slow her run at the Governor’s non-mansion (remember, California does not have a Governor’s mansion).

Goldman-Sachs is feeling the heat – nationwide heat, well beyond a California gubernatorial race. So, Goldman-Sachs has hired a crisis consultant to refurbish their tarnished image.

And who has G-S hired? Well, that would be Mark Fabiani, veteran political operative for Democrats AND THE BUSINESS PARTNER OF CHRIS LEHANE.

So, Fabiani tries to refurbish G-S image, while Lehane tries to link eMeg to G-S current disgrace. Seems as if both Fabiani and Lehane could have worked for G-S when they were selling the worthless investment products.
Hey Lloyd, Think of it this way. It's like being on both sides of the same trade, net neutral. When Fabiani isn't dissing you in California, he's lovin' you in NYC.

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