Monday, May 24, 2010

Sarah Who?: A Report from Alaska

By Michael Dunton

Sunday, I was a part of a Republican Gubernatorial primary election forum for the three major candidates.  It was striking that no candidate attempted to ride a Sarah Palin coattail. No candidate went and said we need to continue the momentum and worthwhile policies created by Sarah. If she’s mentioned at all, it is over the potentially expensive boondoggle of a gas pipeline to the lower 48, from the North Slope, that is running headlong into the obvious rising, and potentially devastating, competition of locally produced shale gas.

A Democratic legislator said it best: with Sarah Palin, it was policy by personality.

Alaskans are so over Sarah Palin. Even the most rabid Mat-Su (Alaska’s Bible Belt) supporter has a hard time articulating a coherent thought on any lasting and meaningful Palin policy accomplishment that is relevant today. Most Alaskans have come to the same conclusion: Sarah is out for Sarah. Her problems that led to her resignation were mostly of her own doing and her off-camera, acerbic personality toward those who disagreed with her.

If she can’t handle Alaska, how do you think she would handle D.C.? Throwing out clever, crowd pleasing insults and zingers doesn’t get legislation passed or create good policy. Like Obama/Pelosi/Reid for the Republicans, Sarah Palin creates a huge rallying symbol for her opposition. Ask yourself this question: when has she articulated a clear and intelligent policy stand of her own? What she creates is an environment of stirring up the pot on both sides. In the end, nothing is accomplished.

Michael J. Dunton holds a CPA and MBA, and is Senior Vice President, Finance
Mt. McKinley Bank.

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  1. Written like a true banker - no entreprenuerial soul there. Or maybe just a touch of the "green-eyed-monster." M. Thersa Brown writes that if as you gaze upon someone's career success you catch yourself thinking: "I won't sell out just to make money," you might want to review her five steps. (Check out #4 Mr. Dunton)

    "So how can an artist/businessperson get past the roadblock of career envy and begin to reap the rewards of success?

    1. Make an attitude adjustment: Jealousy of others happens. Push it aside if you want to succeed!

    2. Learn from the marketing efforts of the successful artist. What are they doing that you are not?

    3. Make a Business plan for success in your art field with your art product

    4. Keep your negative thoughts to yourself. Don't walk up to a marketing artist or post comments on the Internet with an insulting attitude. It is the most childish form of jealousy.

    5. Determination, perseverance and positiveness need to be your new motto!"

    Personally, I find all politicians repugnant, including Palin. But she has been entertaining. You can find the full article at