Monday, May 24, 2010

Schiff: I Will Be on the August Primary Ballot

Peter Schiff has emailed his supporters:
Do not let this weekend's results at the Republican State Convention alarm you.

Our campaign has never been about garnering the support of the state's elite Republicans or the political establishment in Washington. Our campaign is about earning the grassroots support of voters across the state and around the country. Prior to the convention I received the endorsements of 28 grassroots organizations, including: I-Caucus, The Connecticut Patriot Alliance, Connecticut Resistance, Distressed Patriots for America, the Connecticut Grassroots Alliance, and all three of the major Tea Party Organizations within the state.

The party establishment didn’t want the grassroots candidate on the ballot. Delegates were pressured to support another candidate by convincing them that I couldn’t win. And if you think we will sit back and allow the political establishment to keep us off the ballot, you are dead wrong. The Connecticut Republican elite may have rallied the convention delegates to support their candidate of choice, but we are the candidate of choice for the voters. And on Primary Day, that is what matters.

Today we begin the second phase of our signature drive. I am confident my hard-working team will successfully collect all certified signatures necessary to ensure my spot on the August 10th ballot.

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