Thursday, May 20, 2010

Truck Drives Over the Dead Cat

Today's closing quotes:

Dow        10,068  -376 -3.60%
Nasdaq      2,204   -94 -4.11%
S&P 500   1,072    -43 -3.90%
GlobalDow 1,753   -51 -2.81%
Gold           1,181   -12 -0.98%
Oil            69.84  -2.64 -3.64%


  1. The NASDAQ's lead on the downside momentum is interesting given that there is a lot on Tout TV and within the investment community as a whole about tech being the center of American innovation and a chance to grow our way out of this, as well as the belief that there is a lot of necessary business there because US companies "must" upgrade their tech every 3 years or so.

  2. Wenzel -

    As a headline, I'm not sure "Hicks Nix Stix Pix" has anything on "Truck Drives Over the Dead Cat"

    That's truly a classic...