Saturday, May 15, 2010

US Mint Raises First Spouse Gold Coin Prices to Highest Levels

As the price of gold soars, not surprisingly the United States Mint's First Spouse Gold Coins have been priced at the highest price ever.

On May 12, 2009, the US Mint raised product prices for the 24 karat gold coins to their highest levels ever.
The First Spouse Gold Coin series began in 2007 to accompany the Presidential Dollars series, reports Coin Update News. One-half ounce gold coins were issued to honor each of the Nation's First Spouses in the order of the Presidencies. For any President who served without a spouse, a depiction of Liberty from a circulation coin of the era was reproduced for the obverse of the coin.
First Spouse Gold Coins
When the first coins of the series were released on June 19, 2007, the proof version of each coin was priced at $429.95 and the uncirculated version was priced at $410.95.  Following the recent price increases, the proof versions now cost $779.00 and the uncirculated versions cost $766.00 each.

There are currently five different issues of the series available for sale at the US Mint. The coins feature Letitia Tyler, Julia Tyler, Sarah Polk, Margaret Taylor, and Abigail Fillmore. The next issue featuring Jane Pierce is expected to go on sale June 3, 2010.

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