Monday, June 14, 2010

Congressman Attacks Student

Last week I reported on the crude reception that Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN) gave students who were protesting against high spending in Congress.

Apparently, just two blocks away on that very same day, things really got out of hand.

Mike Flynn at reports:
Last week, Democrat Congressman Bod Etheridge (D-NC2) attended a fundraiser headlined by Speaker Nancy Pelosi. He was asked by some students on the street whether he supported the “Obama Agenda.” He didn’t take it well.
See for yourself:

It obviously was an abysmal performance by members of Congress that day.


  1. Lucky for the congressman it wasn't me, or else he'd picking his teeth off the side walk, I'd give that SOB some good Palestinian ass whipping!

  2. Why has this man not been charged with Assault, Battery or at LEAST, Harassment?

    More evidence of the two party legal system. We have to abide by one set of laws, and people like this ass-hat congressman do not.

    I don't think I would have been able to maintain as well as the student who was assaulted did, in fact I'm certain that I would have broken at least his nose, most likely his grabbing arm also.

    But, if I were the student, I would be seeking medical treatment right now, a lengthy, very expensive round of physical therapy..

    Oh, and a police report.

  3. This prick is showing the contempt that all politicians hold for the regular plebs.

  4. Jim is absolutely correct.
    They see the citizenry as lesser than themselves, "those people", somehow too far beneath himself that he can assail, threaten and make demands of you while physically assaulting you.

    what a dick.


  6. The Q. is what would happen if you touched a Congressman. Thats it, touch a Congressman.

    1.Tased 100% yes
    2.Tased again 50/50
    3.Beaten 50/50
    4.Shot in the head 25% if on capitol hill 80%
    5.Jailed 100% yes
    6.Beaten again 30%
    7.Fined 75 % yes

  7. The student should have punched that POS in the face as hard as he could.

  8. What a Jerk, he looks to me as he is totally drunk, his face is ugly and swollen from so much alcohol, besides being aggressive he is very low class as he has the right to react like this when we pay the money for his fun and family. Elements like this is what the whole world will have to remove from this planet and we are invaded by this trash everywhere in the world. He must take all action against this trash, drop them in the Gulf of Mexico so that they can drink all the oil they want, and we will have peace on the planet.

  9. disgraceful...throw out the trash on the next vote.

  10. If it had been the other way and the kid had grabbed the "servant", swat would have been there in 30 seconds flat.. GUARANTEED. This thing is so turned around. We are far over due from tarring and feathering these criminals.

  11. Hmmm.. The Usurper wants to "know who's Ass to kick", the Press Sec Gibbs says they will put the "boot to the throat", and this Congress critter like to hit and hug young boys. See a pattern here?

  12. I can only wonder what the congressman believed the "Obama Agenda" to be? Something nice, good and kind for the American peoples?

    Could it be that it is other then good, kind or nice and he knows and wants to keep it from the public?

    Whatever does he know that allows him to react violently to well dressed young men? How was the question so serious a threat that he immediately attacks and then tries to regain self control as in if it is not yet time for him to be able to have pesky young people who ask questions shot.

    Anyone who votes for this ass deserves him ... he has an agenda he does not want you to know about or he is so filled with guilt over being caught out in something he has hidden ... body language does not lie.

    His so-called press conference was a marvel of physiological manipulation set up by spin doctors where excuses were set up rather then any proper press question bring asked ... like: What were you thinking? ... Why did you do it? .... Why were you so angry? .... Do you see young people as a threat to you? ... and a few more real Who What When Where and Why questions.

    If there was any legitimate "reporter" present, he read from a script prepared by a physiological spin doctor .... and that is a very likely fact.

    Lawrence A. Oshanek
    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

  13. the student should have responded "I will tell you the answer to your question after you tell me the answer to my question". This seems only fair. If the elected representive of the Americaan public refuses and continues in his abusive behavior the student should leave and file a assault report. congressmen should not be above the law or human decency!